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The Differences Between Industrial and Commercial Scales

There are so many businesses and industries that rely on scales for their everyday applications. Scales are used for weighing products, materials, food items, and so much more, but not all scales are created equal.

These pieces of equipment come in various types and with different features and knowing which is right for your business or application is critical. When looking for scales for a laboratory or business, you will likely come across both industrial and commercial scales.

At SciChem, we work with some of the best scale manufacturers in the world, and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you understand which option is right for you.

One of our most popular scale suppliers is OHAUS, who have grown from a small repair business to a global leader in the weighing industry. Today, we are looking into the differences between industrial and commercial scales, and which OHAUS scales will be right for you.

What Are Industrial Scales?

Industrial scales are used to weigh products at an industrial level, and they are built to withstand high usage and harsh environments. This kind of equipment is durable, reliable, and very long lasting, and can often be adapted to suit changing requirements. Industrial scales are generally housed in factories or even laboratories, and can be used to measure large quantities quickly and precisely. This kind of weighing equipment does not have to meet the same legal requirements as commercial scales and are generally not NTEP certified. Despite this, they still provide very accurate data and are extremely precise for measuring all kinds of materials. They are larger than commercial scales, making them unsuitable for most retail environments where weighing is needed on a smaller level.

What Are Commercial Scales?

Commercial scales are generally used in shops, laboratories, and restaurants. They are small and compact, and often used in front of customers when weighing products, for example at a butcher’s counter in a supermarket. Unlike industrial scales, commercial scales must be regulated and meet the legal requirements set by the National Bureau of Standards. These standards relate to the accuracy, operation and label printing set up of the scales. Commercial weighing equipment is perfect for small shops, laboratory experiments, and small businesses. Failing to use scales which are certified and approved can leave your business liable to fines of more than £1000. It is a legal requirement that any scales used to weigh items which have a price based on the weight are trade approved.

What Are the Key Differences Between Industrial And Commercial Scales?

Now that we have covered what these two types of weighing equipment are, you should have an idea of which is suitable for you. If you are still unsure which type of scale is right for your application, then consider these three factors:

  • Size: One of the key differences between commercial and industrial scales is the size. This relates to both the size of the equipment itself, and the measures the scales can handle. Industrial scales are designed for large businesses and high usage, whereas commercial scales are better suited for small enterprises.
  • Certification: Some situations require scales which are certified and regulated. When this is the case, commercial scales are the only option as industrial scales are not subject to these rigorous checks and processes. This certainly doesn’t mean that industrial scales lack accuracy, just that they do not legally require the same certification as their commercial counterparts.
  • Packaging Products: If you are working in a situation where you need to weigh and package products in front of customers, or weigh materials for individual uses, then a commercial scale is best. Industrial scales are suited for situations where products can be weighed, packaged, and labelled without customer interaction.

OHAUS Scales From SciChem

OHAUS manufacture both commercial and industrial scales and are often some of the best weighing equipment on the market. They are a certified manufacturer of scales, and all of their products are trusted and approved for use across all industries. Our top selling OHAUS scales at SciChem are:


For more information and advice on the right type of scales for your application, contact our expert team today.