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Recipe of the Week – Week 26: Iodine Solutions

Continuing our new series of chemical recipes, we bring you week 26 – Iodine Solution (I₂)

Remember that when preparing any of our recipes, you should:

  • Always wear appropriate PPE including eye protection and gloves.
  • Always add acid to water (never water to acid).
  • Use a fume cupboard.
  • Always carry out a risk assessment when using any chemicals.
  • Follow all recommended safety procedures and adhere to the label instructions, hazard warnings and local legislations.

What is an Iodine Solution?

Iodine solutions are used to show sublimation and is a constituent of many biological stains.

0.01M (For Starch test) – 0.1M can be used for most activities.

Remember to use in a well-ventilated area and store in a glass-stoppered bottle.

Stirring Iodine solutions will take time!

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