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Recipe of the Week – Week 25: Sudan III

Continuing our new series of chemical recipes, we bring you week 25 – Sudan III (C22H16N4O)

Remember that when preparing any of our recipes, you should:

  • Always wear appropriate PPE including eye protection and gloves.
  • Always add acid to water (never water to acid).
  • Use a fume cupboard.
  • Always carry out a risk assessment when using any chemicals.
  • Follow all recommended safety procedures and adhere to the label instructions, hazard warnings and local legislations.

What is Sudan III?

Sudan III is a bis(azo) compound that is 2-naphthol substituted at position 1 by a 4-{[(2-methylphenyl)diazenyl]phenyl}diazenyl group. A fat-soluble dye predominantly used for demonstrating triglycerides in frozen sections, but which may also stain some protein bound lipids in paraffin sections. It has a role as a fluorochrome, a histological dye and a carcinogenic agent. It is a member of azobenzenes, a bis(azo) compound and a member of naphthols. It is functionally related to a 2-naphthol.*

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