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Recipe of the Week – Week 13: Ammonia Gas

Ammonia Gas

Continuing our new series of chemical recipes, we bring you week 13 – ammonia gas (NH3).

Remember that when preparing any of our recipes, you should:

  • Always wear appropriate PPE including eye protection and gloves.
  • Always add acid to water (never water to acid).
  • Use a fume cupboard.
  • Always carry out a risk assessment when using any chemicals.
  • Follow all recommended safety procedures and adhere to the label instructions, hazard warnings and local legislations.

What is ammonia gas?

Ammonia as a gas is colourless and very pungent to the human nose. An aqueous form of hydrogen and nitrogen is used in the production of ammonia hydroxide. Ammonia is often available in nature but is also produced as a fertiliser because it enriches the soil with its nitrogen. You’ll be shocked to know this, but ammonia is produced in the human gut in order to help us digest food with the help of good bacteria. It is also used as an industrial cleaning agent in the majority of industries to clean industrial equipment.

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