Testing Laboratories

Testing Laboratories

Medical diagnostic laboratory services are vital to support healthcare professionals and hospitals to inform patient diagnosis. We attach great importance to the advancement of medical diagnostics and is a driving force of medical progress by representing several innovative diagnostic providers.

Pathology and Human Medical Testing

Specialist pathology laboratories provide a comprehensive range of healthcare diagnostic services, from routine tests such as blood, swab and urine, through to cutting edge molecular and genetic analysis. Around three in every four healthcare decisions made about a person’s diagnosis and treatment are based on laboratory investigations.

 Environmental Analysis

We support the environmental protection and waste management services provided by several testing laboratories. This is a community where compliance and assurance are paramount and is maintained by providing a wide range of reliable testing methods, using accredited and compliant instruments to support your analysis needs in a broad range of areas.

Food Testing Laboratories

SciChem would be your ideal partner in all food & feed matters. State-of-the-art technology allows us to provide a wide range of analytical methods for a broad range of products. We aim to be the first choice provider for quality led analytical testing in the food and beverage QC and QA testing space.

Oil and Fuel Analysis

We believe that carrying out Oil Condition Monitoring on samples is the best way to maintain the running of a machine or vehicle. We can provide solutions to analyse engine oils, fuels, coolants and transformer oils. We can provide expertise in liquid, solid and secondary fuels analysis and monitoring combustion processes.

Toxicology Testing

At SciChem Laboratory Products, we help thousands of our customers to identify, deter and rule out drug and alcohol misuse within the community, the workplace and within the forensic science service.

Increase Your Lab Efficiencies

SciChem is proud to offer a vast selection of quality laboratory products and equipment from industry leaders such as Bruker and Mindray to name just a few.

Not only can we provide you with the testing and analysis solutions you require to continue making Medical diagnosis, we also take the hassle out of the purchasing journey.

We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations, whilst developing new solutions and workflows to enhance your labs efficiencies.

From service and maintenance, consumable rental contracts, to product training, rest assured that SciChem are on hand to provide the support and technical expertise you need to continue making progress with your vital operations.

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