We believe in innovative solutions to support every stage of your biotechnology and pharmaceutical pipeline. From drug discovery and development, to clinical testing and manufacturing, all the way to quality control. Our deep understanding of the challenges faced by medical manufacturers allows us to forge partnerships that more quickly deliver next-generation drugs to market.

Drug Discovery & Development

If you are working on cells, proteins, or DNA we have the products and services to drive efficiency in assay development, screening, and metabolic and safety assessment.

Pharmaceutical Quality Control Testing

Robust products and workflows for small molecule drug assays and impurity analysis.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Validated solutions for pharmaceutical microbiology laboratories, including; media, containers, labware, and environmental monitoring.

Portable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solutions

Easily obtain fast, accurate material verification for immediate release of raw materials into production.

 Drug Formulation and Manufacturing

Solutions for scale-up and continuous processing, including extruders, rheometers, compounders, spectrometers and granulators.

Process Analytical Technology

Solutions for increasing productivity, improving quality assurance and control, and reducing operating costs in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

We Understand Your Needs

Our comprehensive product portfolio, and deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industries research and development stages means SciChem can provide a solution, from lead generation, to the final registration of a compound of interest to market.

SciChem’s consultative approach allows us to engrain ourselves into our clients operational ecosystem, understanding your pain points, and providing advice for a considered long-term approach.

We are committed to sourcing from reputable suppliers to ensure traceability, whilst delivering the best solutions, on time and on budget.

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