Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

We supply and source specialist laboratory consumables, chemicals, equipment and test kits for oil and gas laboratory analysis, including waste water. From natural gas, oil and water investigations, our products provide fast, and cost-effective detection of a wide range of chemicals.

Increased Throughput and Protection

We believe implementing Oil Condition Monitoring on samples is the best way to maintain the running of a machine or vehicle, ensuring maximum productivity and the protection of your equipment.

Solutions for Your Operations

We not only provide solutions to analyse engine oils, fuels, coolants and transformer oils, but we also furnish expertise in liquid, solid and secondary fuel analysis and monitoring combustion processes.

 Expert Help

Using our sector knowledge, experience and supply-base, we source and supply to the most demanding and critical markets, whilst maintaining compliance with environmental regulations.

Product Excellence

Our commitment to the industry is validated by the Oil and Gas experts we work with.

Our relationships with industry professionals matched with that of our in-house experts, means that you will benefit from many years of expertise, guaranteeing the delivery of the techniques and analysis you need.

Our valued partners include, Bruker, Shimadzu, VIDA, HVM to name a few. From basic analysis to handling precautions, refining petroleum crude oil to processing raw natural gas, our consultative approach allows collaboration with not only you, but our partners too.

SciChem can identify a perfect solution when you need it most.

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