Today’s biologic drugs are providing breakthrough treatment options for many of the world’s most challenging diseases and chronic conditions.

 Trusted Research and Production

As a supplier for the largest biotechnology manufacturers in the world, SciChem is trusted to provide the products, services, solutions, and expertise necessary to quickly and confidently move through research and production. From the small-scale bench, to pilot plant and full commercial manufacturing, we enable our customers to reach the market with new treatments for patients, faster and safer.

 Industry Expertise

We provide a unique combination of industry expertise with the broadest portfolio of products and materials engineered and manufactured to satisfy the highest quality standards, and regulatory requirements for your final product—whether it is a vaccine, monoclonal antibody, recombinant protein, cell therapy, gene therapy or small molecule treatment.

 Strategic and Consultative Approach

SciChem is a strategic partner with proven insight into the biotech industry’s workflows, needs and challenges. Serving your individual needs from discovery to commercial launch, our portfolio of industry-leading production chemicals, single-use solutions and sera are backed by our deep commitment to quality and innovation.

More Important Than Ever

The creation of new medicine has never been more important, Biotechnology and its processes are not only crucial within health and medicine, but it’s also key to unlocking the answers to so many global problems, such as pandemics, rises in fuel prices and most certainly global warming.

SciChem is committed to providing solutions, technologies and expert knowledge to Biotech laboratories and Educational institutes alike. We work with leading suppliers such as Radley, Cole Parmer and BUCHI to name just a few.

Whatever your requirements, SciChem can provide the solutions and products your laboratory needs, so that you can continue to make the breakthroughs required to improve the ever changing challenges of the 21st century.

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