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Free Secondary School Science Resources for Remote Teaching and Learning

Both SciChem and PASCO are committed to doing all that we can to help the science education community. In these uncertain times of school closures and remote learning, we want to ensure that all students and teachers continue to build their science skills and have access to the content they need.

We have been contacted by many educators searching for resources as they navigate the rapidly changing learning environment and transition to online labs. In response, we are delighted to announce that PASCO is extending free resources to support the continuation of science learning despite school closures. PASCO is offering these home science tools free of charge for the remainder of this school year:

  • Free access to Essential Physics and Essential Chemistry curriculum eBooks
  • Distance Learning Labs and teacher resources in the PASCO digital Experiment Library
  • 6 month free access to Capstone and SPARKvue software.

Free Essential Physics & Essential Chemistry

PASCO is giving schools free access to the digital versions of Essential Physics 3rd Edition and Essential Chemistry curriculum for the remainder of the 2020 school year. Access the eBooks here using the access codes below.

Essential Physics 3rd Edition Student Access Code


Essential Chemistry Student Access Code


To access the Teacher eResources for these texts, please fill out this form. After receiving a code, you will be able to access the eResources here.

Free Labs for Physics, Chemistry & Biology

The PASCO Experiment Library contains hundreds of prepared labs and activities that can be downloaded and shared with students for free.

  1. Create an account on to verify that you are an educator
  2. Select from our current list of free labs and videos that support remote learning
  3. Share those activities with your students as they learn from home. Your students will not need an account; they can access the student materials directly, or you can upload the materials to your school’s LMS or Google Classroom.

Free Access to Software

PASCO are extending the trial periods for PASCO Capstone and SPARKvue software on Windows and Mac to last through the end of this school year. Both softwares allow users to create, modify, and share home labs with an authentic laboratory feel. These licenses allow students to install Capstone and SPARKvue on their home computers. SPARKvue is also available for a free download on Chromebooks, iPads, and Android devices. You can also install SPARKvue for free on your mobile devices.

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